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  • Where are packages delivered for tenants?
    Most of the carriers have access to the building, either using an app or a FOB, to deliver packages to the apartments. If the package is being delivered from the Postal Service and it is small enough, it will be placed in the unit's mailbox.
  • What do we do if we have a friend or family member coming to visit?
    If you have are planning on having an overnight guest, you are required to obtain a Visitor Parking Pass from the rental office. We can only issue three passes per week and only one person from each unit can request a pass. The Visitor Parking area are the three parking spaces outside of the rental office, in front of the bike rack.
  • What do we do if someone is in our parking space?
    If someone is in your assigned parking space, please contact the rental office immediately either by calling or texting (302) 368-4748 or by emailing the office at We will tell you where to park until the vehicle moves.
  • Who do we contact if we have a maintenance emergency?
    If you have a maintenance emergency, please contact Kenny at (302) 365-0488. You can also call/text the rental office at (302) 368-4748 or email We will issue a maintenance ticket for Kenny to resolve the issue. If you have access to your Resident Center account, you can also issue a maintenance request there. If you do not have access, please let the office know and we will send a password reset link to the email address you provided on your application. Be advised that the link does expire in 1 hour.
  • What company do we contact to set up the water/sewer utility?
    Main Street Court bills the tenants for the water/sewer usage. The water/sewer usage is billed monthly with all of the roommates' names on one invoice. It is emailed to everyone (including the parents)
  • How far are you from campus and Main Street?
    We are anywhere from a 5-10 minute walk from the Green if you walk along East Delaware Avenue, and right on Main Street.
  • Do you lease by bedroom or apartment?
    We lease by apartment.
  • How long is the lease term?
    All of our lease terms are 12 months
  • Do you permit subletting?
    Yes, we allow subletting as long as all tenants are in agreement and management is properly notified.
  • How many parking spaces are included with rent?
    We provide one space for each unit. More spaces may be available upon request.
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